Given to us. By God? By accident? Whatever...
  There are some dates I want to "capture". Important to me.
  Simply some dates.

18 August: I was born. In Torun, Poland. And the journey has started.

02 June: this picture was taken.
08 December: sixteen year old, in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
another 18 August: eighteen years later, in Toruń, Poland

26 June: my daugthers.
27 August: Joanna in Bulgaria. Happiness pure.

05 September: "S@motność w Sieci". The book.
09 February: "Na Fejsie z moim synem. Historia surrealistyczna". My book.

 The page got launched in Frankfurt/Main, Germany on: August 6, 2002, Tuesday, at 18:08